What Our Clients Say

Working with Pam to declutter and organize has been invaluable to me – she has a keen observation and a gentle way of suggesting alternatives. Pam is so creative with her organizing skills, too! I feel inspired and motivated to continue to create the space – and the life – that I desire, after working with Pam!

Hetty Irmer, Takoma Park MD, Four Corners Counseling & Well-Being

Jeanne from Mindful Decluttering & Organizing was great. I was able to get some much needed work done while she:

– cleared off/ organized my desk/ around my desk area
– helped me with organizing and filing paperwork
– fixed the CDs and tapes in my room
reorganized bookshelves

We also did a couple of things together. She was very helpful and worked independently without needing me except when it was important to check in. She also checked in with me to make sure I was working, as I had asked.

Kathy, Washington, DC
Pam helped me to access my own intuitive decluttering ability. After two sessions with her in my office, my husband and I went on to declutter the whole house!
Karen G, Takoma Park MD
Thanks again…my office space feels really, really good…just amazing what a difference a few “mindful hours” can accomplish! I’m highly motivated now to keep up the momentum…it was great working with you!
Mozella A, Potomac MD
Though I am an organized person in many ways, there were areas of my life & business that were not fully supporting my growth & potential. Pam’s questioning, listening, guidance & hands-on support allowed me to organize my office in a way that allowed me to increase my productivity and thus better serve my clients. When I needed to move my office, I initially felt overwhelmed by the volume of materials to be sorted & transported. Pam’s support was invaluable as she helped me to break what seemed like a monumental task into manageable steps.
Ruth L, Musician & Graphic Designer, Takoma Park MD
Mindful Decluttering & Organizing is a resource you won’t want to miss. Pam Holland’s pleasant personality, calm demeanor, practical good sense, objective questioning, and patient discussion combine to fill a particularly thoughtful and effective toolbox of resources. She shows up promptly ready to work, dives right in, and doesn’t let you get away with procrastination!
Missy G, Southwest DC
I would highly recommend Pam Holland and the approach of Mindful Decluttering. Our work together has made me more conscious of my patterns and habits and of the choices I have available to me.
Sheila J, Musician & Teacher, Silver Spring MD
After her visit, I left empowered to do more decluttering on my own. I recommend Pam’s mindful decluttering service to anyone who feels stuck or would like to make space for new opportunities in their life.
Robin C, Silver Spring MD
Pam provided the right combination of calm and practical coaching to really get my inner organizational juices flowing. I am grateful for her help!
Dan G, Psychologist & Musician, Takoma Park MD
Pam’s skill at facilitating one’s capacity to transform chaos into order is very user-friendly. She meets you where you are, helps you define and focus on the task at hand thus giving you a way to work through a navigable system.
Ricey C, Silver Spring MD