How to Transform and Organize Your Office (If You want To!)

Are you a "stack-er"? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping papers (or anything!) organized in your office or home. Your personal organizing system may involve vertical stacks, hanging files, folders, or some combination. No matter how it looks to an outsider, the only requirement of a good system is that it works for [...]

How to Let Go of the Past to Feel More Free

During times of transition, you may notice a desire to change up the arrangement of your home. That is completely normal! Our lives go through phases, and every now and then our spaces need a "tune up." Read about the process below through the story of our client, Kay.* Kay and her husband raised two smart and [...]

How to Mindfully Change Your Habits for a Simpler Life

"It's hard to see the forest for the trees." When you're immersed in your life, it can be challenging to zoom out and see the habits and patterns that influence how you live. On a daily basis, there are many small things to attend to: responding to emails and phone calls, fixing food for your [...]

5 Simple Ways to Keep the Decluttering Energy Moving! (And Avoid Decision Fatigue)

Have you ever been happily decluttering, whether alone or with a professional organizer, when you suddenly feel exhausted and unable to continue? This happens to all of us at some time - even to me! Why? Because of decision fatigue. When you're decluttering, you're making decisions about each and every item you handle. Sometimes these [...]

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