How does in-home professional organizing work?

Getting Started

In your in-home organizing professional organizing sessions, you will work side by side with your organizer to quickly and joyfully identify and meet your decuttering and organizing goals.

You will be making all of the decisions! There is good news and bad news here: decision-making can be tiring, but it gets easier with practice, and your organizer will help simplify things for you.

After careful listening, your organizer will offer customized suggestions for developing systems for storing things and can help you to decide what to do with things you no longer need. The work may feel slow at first, but as you and your organizer work together, you will establish decluttering and organizing criteria that will make the process go more quickly. You will also find clarity and focus for your priorities.

You are building your decluttering and organizing “muscles” and, like a personal trainer, your organizer will support you in making powerful choices and teach you the skills you need in order to keep new organizing systems in place.

Parallel Play

If you are working on personal or business projects and have trouble finding time and focus to complete them, you and your  organizer can choose a task for the organizer to tackle while you focus on your own personal or business goals. A number of our clients have benefited from this “parallel play” model.  This model works best when you and your organizer set clear goals and establish regular check-in times.


All new systems will benefit from routine maintenance. The organizing systems that you and your organizer establish will help you to create new habits that make maintenance a part of your daily or weekly routine.

An experienced set of eyes along with compassionate and caring professional support is often just what you need to shift stuck energy and see your space in a new way!

In-home organizing is an excellent choice if:

  • You require assistance in lifting and moving objects in your home or office.

  • You would like for your organizer to take donations to a donation location near you.

  • You live within the reach of our in-person services. We offer in-person services in the D.C. metropolitan area and in the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado.

  • You want another pair of hands to help with the physical work

  • You feel our “Get ‘er Done!” (paralell play) services is just what you need

If any of the above applies to you, we are happy to accompany you on your decluttering and organizing journey in person. Your organizer will help you to work through challenging areas and work with you to create more ease and joy in your home or office.

How does professional decluttering and organizing work?

When you work with a professional organizer you reap the benefits of training, experience and certification. 

As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) our founder Pam Holland has access to a wealth of resources for keeping up to date with trends and challenges in the industry and was honored to be a speaker at NAPO’s annual conference in 2017.

What if my place is the worst you have ever seen?

It won’t be. We have seen it all! We understand that “life happens” and clutter accumulates. You are not your clutter! Your organizer will guide you to move through the areas where you feel stuck or overwhelmed. Complete confidentiality and non-judgement are hallmarks of our work. For more answers to frequently asked questions such as this, visit our FAQs page.

To see mindful organizing in action, watch this video of our founder Pam helping a couple transform their utility room:

Ideal projects for professional organizing

Below are just a few of the services that we offer via our in-home decluttering and organizing services:

  • Attics – in Feng Shui, cluttered attics are said to block your higher aspirations. Who wants that? Let’s make it a place for meaningful storage.
  • Closet organization and optimization – do your closets hold clothing that is out of style or no longer fits? We can make it easy to find outfits that you love!
  • Basements – clutter in your basement can represent buried dreams. Make your basement a place that meets your household’s needs.
  • Bathrooms – have what you need when you need it and eliminate duplicates and expired products.
  • Bedroom – sleep soundly in your clutter-free and inviting bedroom.
  • Kitchen – be ready to cook rather than search!

Want to learn more about decluttering and organizing?

Over half of Americans admit they have a clutter problem. If you count yourself among that half, you are not alone – but you DO NOT have to live that way! We delight in helping you release objects and activities that are holding you back and keeping you from reaching your full potential. 

Our services will help you to save energy, time, and money!

Feeling uncertain about whether you would benefit most from virtual or hands-on support or a combination?

No worries! There is a free and easy way to explore your options.

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Our promise to you:


“Through working with the organizers at Mindful Decluttering & Organizing, I have been able to make my physical space and surroundings more of a priority than they have been for many years. The organizers are full of great ideas, but never bring their personal preferences or any hint of judgment to our work together. No matter how overwhelmed I feel, we can always see the way forward and come up with the next practical steps. I would highly recommend Mindful Decluttering and Organizing, LLC. Their support has made me more conscious of my patterns and habits and of all the choices I have available to me.” – Sheila Johns, musician, teacher, formerly of Silver Spring, MD

“The questioning, listening, guidance & hands-on support allowed me to organize my office in a way that allowed me to increase my productivity and thus better serve my clients. When I needed to move my office, I initially felt overwhelmed by the volume of materials to be sorted & transported. Professional support was invaluable as she helped me to break what seemed like a monumental task into manageable steps.” Ruth Logsdon, Musician, Graphic Designer, Takoma Park, MD