Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

This post focuses on small bathroom organizing ideas and simple bathroom storage solutions, but before we get started let’s review a few decluttering and organizing principles that you can apply to any space, large or small.

Organizing 1-2-3

1. Follow the principle of like-with-like. Just like you did in kindergarten, gather all items of a certain type together and identify where you have duplication or where things are grouped together in ways that make them difficult to find when you need them.

2. Declutter first! Before racing out to purchase organizing tools, eliminate any duplicates you own by choosing the best one and donating the rest. If the duplication makes sense (i.e. you are keeping an extra bottle of your favorite shampoo) consider whether you know to look for that item in its current location or whether there is a better place for it.

3. Keep things close to where you use them. Small spaces make this challenging, so you will need to make decisions about what to prioritize. After you have edited your collection of items, you can begin to determine the best place to store each category.

Don’t get bogged down by items that could go into more than one category. Just choose what makes sense to you now, as you can always change your mind later!

In my former home, I had very limited storage space in the bathroom and kitchen. For this reason, medical supplies were housed in the linen closet outside of the bathroom and extra canned goods were kept in a pantry downstairs. Organizing small bathroom closets may require thinking broadly about where to store items elsewhere in the home.

Below are three common small bathroom storage challenges and products to help you solve them.

Small Bathroom Problem #1:

Need more space for towels.


  • Extra towel bars
  • Over the door towel rack,
  • Hooks, or
  • A 3 tier free standing unit.

To create extra space for towels that need to dry is to install an extra towel bar in your shower or bathtub. In the photo below, an extra rod has been hung behind the shower curtain rod.

This creates additional space for hanging towels when space is limited. As a frequent swimmer, I would not consider life without this extra hanging space. It can also be used for kitchen towels that need drying (as shown here).

Another solution for not enough towel space is an over the door towel rack such as this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. At the time of this post, this handy rack is $9.99 and has three rungs. It comes in white or gray.

This handy towel holder goes inside of a cabinet.

The small 3 tier oval rack shown below can be used to store towels, toilet paper or bath and beauty products.

Small Bathroom Problem #2:

No place to store bath and beauty products.


  • Corner shelf unit
  • Over shower hanging rack, pole,
  • Over cabinet hanging solutions.

A search for “over the cabinet door organizer” on Amazon will yield solutions of many types or you can use your Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (did you know they never expire!) to get this one.

The corner shelf unit shown below is made by Salt and can be purchased at Amazon, but you can find similar products from other sources if you look around. One of our showers has a shower head that is too large for ANY hanging solution, so I was delighted to find this two-shelf solution to create space for beauty products.

Two other excellent products to use for holding beauty products are over-shower hanging racks or a tension pole. Both can be found on-line or in many stores such as the Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond.

Over-shower hanging racks are readily available and come in many different designs. The important thing to take into consideration is the size and nature of your shower head.

I have made the mistake several times of purchasing an over the shower hanging rack which had a top shelf which was too short to hold my bathing products. The one pictured above (left) has a lot of clearance on the top shelf and ample space on the bottom shelf, which works well in this particular shower. A wide variety of tension poles can also be found on-line or in your local stores.

Small Bathroom Problem #3:

I just need more space!


Look up, down and all around!

Look for hidden storage options

You can make the most of every inch of a small bathroom by using the floor, the top of the toilet and the insides of shelves and doors. and spaces around the bathroom sink.

In the photo below, inexpensive containers are used to corral items that could be untidy if strewn across the surface. Cheap bathroom storage ideas like this will help you manage your clutter without spending much.

You can even use the floor for storage! In the photo below, a basket is used to hold Epsom Salts next to the bathtub and a budget towel holder keeps extra toilet paper close to where it is needed.

Backs of doors

A variety of hooks and shelving can be used to maximize your walls, cabinets and doors and create extra space. Many over-the-door hooks like the ones pictured below require no installation, but there are also options which can be mounted directly onto the wall.

This over-the-door hook solution from IKEA offers 6 hooks for an investment of only $6.99. If you are not lucky enough to be near an IKEA store, a variety of hooks can be found at your local hardware or big box store.

Inside of cabinets

This over-the-cabinet organizer basket from MetroDecor (lower left in the collection below) is simple and versatile and can be used for a variety of products. (Pssst – products like this can be used in your kitchen as well!)

A variety of over-the the-cabinet holders are especially designed to hold your hairdryer, curling iron, etc. All of the products pictured below are available at Amazon.

Below you can see how to make the most of vertical space in small bathroom storage cabinets by using simple shelves.

On the wall

Floating shelves such as this inexpensive Lack shelf from IKEA can also make space appear like magic. This shelf and others like it do require someone handy enough to install them.

So don’t be afraid to look high, low and all around to discover clever ways to create organizing possibilities and additional storage space in your bathroom.

Bonus product: This is not a storage solution but a curved shower rod is a clever way to make a small bathtub feel bigger.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas: Product Roundup

If you are creative or handy, consider trying DIY bathroom storage ideas based on these solutions! Hooks, shelves, and racks can often be built with tools and supplies you already have in the house.

For even more bathroom inspiration check out IKEA’s helpful guide for tips on creating a home spa feel.

What’s your favorite small storage solution? Share in the comments!

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Are you tired of knocking over shampoo bottles when you get in the shower? What about running out of toilet paper (when the extra is down the hall!)? Get these simple solutions for small bathroom storage, so you have what you need, where you need it, all the while keeping your space clutter-free.



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