Some of the best gifts one can offer during the holiday season are gifts of service or the gift of spending time together. 

If you don’t know much (Yet!) about alternative gifts, read on!

Some of the best gifts are services or experiences that are tailored to the person you are gifting.

A Thougful Gift of Time and Service

My dear friend Peggy pulled up the unwanted grass in our front yard and replaced it with vinca that she transplanted from her yard. BEST GIFT EVER! I smile and think of her kindness every time I pass the formerly muddy, yucky patch between the sidewalk and the street.

For Christmas one year, we gave my mother-in-law a coupon book with coupons offering to visit her, wash her car, or take her out to dinner.

Vouchers For Experiences

My son and his girfriend often give us Groupons or Living Social vouchers for experiences such as wine tastings, theatre or movie tickets, etc.

Alternative Gifts

In the spirit of less stuff and more fun, here are a few alternative gift ideas for your holiday season.

SoKind Registry: a service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help, and more. Here’s to more fun and less stuff!

Donations to Charitable Organizations

Ask friends and relatives to make donations to charitable organizations in your name in lieu of gifts. One excellent resource for gifts for worthy causes is Global Giving:

For friends and family members who already have too much stuff, ask them if they would prefer that your gift to them helps someone in need.

You can’t go wrong making a donation to is Street of Dreams.  Street of Dreams/Musicians for Education is a 501 3C nonprofit organization of artists and community members dedicated to providing educational and creative support to teen mothers who are at the highest risk of incarceration/homelessness due to the generational effects of drug addiction, alcoholism and poverty.

Consumables Are Always A Good Choice!

If the virtual or service idea doesn’t appeal, go for consumables. We wrote For Less Clutter: Choose Consumable Gifts to get you started!

And furthermore…

Last but not least, look for Alternative Gift Fairs.

Check online for alternative gift fairs in your area.  If you don’t find one, learn how to start one!

Alternative Gift Resources

We offer a printable PDF that allows you to offer a gift of service to a friend or loved-one.

Getting Organized Magazine has an infographic with even more clutter-free gift ideas! 

Here’s to a clutter-free holiday!

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