Blog post: 3 Simple Reasons Why Getting Rid of Stuff Feels Good

A frequently searched term on Google is “why does decluttering feel so good?” There’s good reason to ask that question! Many people are discovering the joy of having less, and ensuring that what they do have brings them joy and satisfaction.

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We live in a country of abundance, where it’s easy to accumulate stuff almost without being aware of it. Goody bags at conferences, sales at the grocery store, buy-one-get-one on Amazon, and much more encourage us to have more and more.

But there is a shift happening, and many people like you are awakening to the knowledge that accumulating more doesn’t always make you happy. Quite the opposite, it can make you feel stressed and weary! Many people are experiencing the relief and satisfaction of letting go of their stuff, often with a professional organizer at their side.

If you’re curious to know exactly why decluttering and organizing is so transformative, read the three simple reasons why getting rid of stuff feels good!

1. Less Negative Energy; More Opportunities

After more than 13 years of mindfully decluttering and organizing, nothing is more clear to us than this: clutter has an impact on your energy (learn more here!). The layers of paraphernalia that accumulate over years of living or working in a space can weigh you down and keep you feeling stagnant and stuck.

Imagine that you are standing in a room in your home. Imagine a tiny thread, like spider silk, running from your body to every single item in the room. If the room is full of objects that no longer bring you joy, that’s a lot of energetic ties that don’t serve you! Can you feel their heaviness? In contrast, there are probably items in your home that make you feel buoyant and joyful. Those energetic ties are supportive and a benefit to have in your home.

When you release the objects that no longer bring you joy, all the energy that has been tied up in them for years is set free. It may feel strange at first, as you experience feelings of relief and lightness. All the energy you have released is now free to engage in new pursuits or simple to revel in the space you’ve created. No wonder it feels good! A surge of new energy and feelings of spaciousness and possibility are wonderful things.

And now we are excited to introduce a new budget-friendly way to get support when you are feeling the negative energy of clutter in your life or space.  During the months of March and April 2019, you can  join our 6-month on-line small group course “Declutter With The Power of Your Chakras!” Clear the inner blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck! Learn more about this powerful 6-week group journey by joining me on a free introductory call.

2. Less Mental Work; More Ease and Calm

Having a lot of stuff in your home can take a toll on your mind. You may not be conscious of it all the time, but the more we own the more we have to maintain. Things break and need repairs, things get dusty and need cleaning, and very simply, things need a place to live in your home. It’s a lot for your mind to keep track of!

As you sit down in a room that feels disorganized or cluttered, your mind is probably at work in the background, taking inventory of the things that need fixing or cleaning. Even if it’s subconscious, it’s a lot of mental work. This explains why trying to relax in a cluttered space can make you feel restless. Even if you have a glass of wine and a book to read, your mind gets distracted by its to-do list!

When you declutter and let go of that which no longer serves you, it takes a load of responsibility off your mind. The less you have, the less there is to take care of. As you look around a decluttered room, your mind won’t have work to do; instead it can feel at ease and “put its feet up.” This helps make your home a place of true relaxation and calm.

3. Less Frustration; More Time!

Last but certainly not least, decluttering leads to more time. When your home is organized in a way that is intuitive and functional, you save time by finding what you need quickly and tidying efficiently. A decluttered and organized space also cuts down on analysis paralysis (otherwise known as decision fatigue).

Analysis paralysis is that frustrating situation when you have so much to choose from that your mind freezes up! It’s especially difficult when your options don’t bring you joy. A classic example is opening up your closet, looking at all your clothes, and thinking, “I have nothing to wear.”

Analysis paralysis with clothes, books, or your to-do list can be a serious time suck. Letting go of the old cuts down on this paralysis, and organizing what remains makes it easy for you to see and appreciate all your good options! Fewer items in your home also saves time because there is less to fix, clean, and arrange.

Many of our clients find that decluttering their physical spaces motivates them to declutter their calendars, as well. We are happy to support you in that effort! It’s so important to protect your time and make sure that your commitments align with your values and that you leave plenty of room for rest, exercise, and being out in nature.

The decluttering process creates physical space and calendar space, and as a result it creates mental space. The simplified corners, shelves, and closets represent opportunities for your energy to flourish in new directions. Perhaps you’ll start reading more. Maybe you’ll start a new craft project! Now could be the time to start cooking from scratch. Or take more trips!

Decluttering and organizing is sacred work

The process of letting go can be daunting, especially if you live in a big home and have many years of mementos to go through. Many of you may also have things that were entrusted to you by family members who have passed on. These items can be uniquely challenging to let go.

Going through your things is like a historic excavation, requiring time, energy, and care. It’s sacred work because it’s the stuff of your precious life! If you feel ready to start the process, we are here to support you every step of the way. You can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with us to get started!

If you feel overwhelmed, remember the old saying: it gets worse before it gets better. The process can look messy in the middle, but the outcome is well worth the effort! After decluttering and organizing, you’ll be a living answer to the question people are asking the Internet: “Why does getting rid of stuff feels good!?”

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