decluuter your surfaces

Below is our five step process for decluttering a surface in your home or office.

Step 1

Identify one surface that can be decluttered. Decide what you would like to have on this surface.

Step 2

Take everything off of the surface and sort by category.

Step 3

Clean the items and the surface as needed, then put things back – only the things that you really want on this surface. Using an attractive basket or container to collect a set of like items can help you to limit what accumulates on the surface.

Step 4

Deal with what’s left, item by item, by asking the following questions:

  • Do I need to keep this? If not, put it in the trash can or thrift store bag.
  • Do I have a place for things like this? If not, create a place for it.
  • Does it belong in this room? If yes, put it where it belongs in the room. If it belongs in another room, create a Transit container and place the item in it. A transit container is used to collect all of the items that do not belong in this room.  It avoids walking from room to room, which can waste time and cause you to lose your focus.

Step 5

Take items in the transit container to the other rooms where they belong. Plan a time to take items to the thrift store or arrange for a pickup.

Extra Credit

To increase your time awareness, you set a timer or write down the amount of time it takes to complete each step in the project.

Now for the hard part! 

Commit yourself to keeping clutter off of this surface for at least one week.  It helps to place something attractive (such as fresh flowers) on the surface as a reminder.

If you are happy at the end of the first week, commit yourself to a second week of keeping this surface decluttered.

It takes an average of 21-30 days to create a new habit.  Visit us at and click on “Free Resources” to download our free “Mastering a New Habit” chart.